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How community can play a central role in your business strategy

When’s the last time you communicated with your team? For many companies, the traditional one-way street of information has evolved to value conversation and in-depth communication with teams, and they’re winning as a result.

In an evolving workplace, communicating effectively is of paramount importance. Simple passing information to your front line from the top leaves employees feeling disenfranchised and disposable, and leaves you vulnerable to missing essential employee insight. In today’s world, conversation is key.

Why are internal communications so important?

The discussion will look at how many companies are disconnected from their employees, and while managers may feel like they know how their team is getting on and which ways of working are most effective, it could be way off the mark.

As part of one of the largest companies in the world, with a sharp focus on bringing people together on both a professional and personal level, Akrami’s role at Workplace from Facebook means he is well poised to bring practical strategies to your team that can boost internal communications effectively. By Akrami’s own definition, Workplace from Facebook is essentially a “simple, secure, and more productive way for people to share knowledge, work together and build connected communities”. Put simply: Akrami says it has the tools businesses need to ensure better communication “top down, side to side.”

What does it mean to be a connected company?

Connected companies are using communities to create effective processes that simply get things done faster. And that investment in bringing people together has birthed Workplace, an online team collaboration tool using Facebook features for work.

The Drumcast will gives practical tips for businesses looking to foster communities within their ranks, and highlight the family of Facebook apps as central success tools. Facebook has found that by using its own Groups feature to tackle projects and communicate on a wider scale, projects were expedited and more inclusion company-wide was prioritised. With more heads being involved in decision making and having input into everyday goings-on, a connected company is birthed.

“People were able to make decisions faster, and they were able to look at the history and the context of those decisions” Akrami says of this collaborative approach to project management. Team members joining projects further down the line have the complete history of progress, and those needing to oversee projects can get a 360 view. Feedback is project-wide and can benefit anyone, and therefore community becomes central to every task.

What benefits does community bring?

Once you get beyond pay what really keeps people connected with their work is feeling like part of a team. “The little pieces that make it fun to work [at your business]” are key to fostering community, according to Akrami. Creating a community benefits everyone, from your infantry troops to the top of the tree. And most of all it benefits your customer. A well-oiled machine is best suited to meet the needs of its customers, and with all the moving parts communicating effectively, there’s your recipe for success, he concludes.

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